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    This Too Shall Pass 

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    In my younger years, I found myself working at a digital agency during the height of the dotcom bubble burst. This was the early 2000s.

    We closed offices, let people go and grappled with the fact that the economy we helped build in code seemed to crumble before our very eyes. It was humbling, to say the least. During these same years, we also endured 9/11 and on a personal front, we had just brought two new lives into this world—a world in transition and turmoil. The uncertainty was palpable.

    I can remember thinking to myself that I might have to move back home with my parents if things got really bad and if I lost my ability to provide. We were a single income family facing uncertain times in an even more uncertain world.

    Today, things are feeling uncertain once again. Markets are in flux, oil prices are plummeting, and of course, a virus triggering fear and impacting economies...

    But wait. We’ve been here before.

    Maybe not exactly. Every time it’s a little different. But this isn’t the first time. We’ve been through much together. And we’re more resilient than we give ourselves credit for.

    This too shall pass...

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    Investing In The Future Is Investing In Yourself 

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    Recently, I spent an hour with a colleague who is just starting out in his career and wanted to learn more about what I do, how I do it and how he can apply that knowledge to his exploration of a career path.

    If you have the opportunity to have conversations like these—you should take them. First, because if your professional life has been good to you (and mine has) you have an obligation to pay it forward, especially to those who will build the future.

    Secondly, it's not just an investment in someone else's future but it's also an investment in yourself. When you are faced with the energy, passion, and curiosity of someone just starting out, it's a great inspiration and a reminder of why you do what you do.

    In a world where win-wins are becoming less frequent, this is one. So make time for that person just starting out and don't be surprised if you both leave the meeting better than when you started it.

    The investment is mutual.

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    The Gift of Saying No 

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    If I’m really being honest with myself, one of my greatest opportunities for career development is that I say yes too much.

    It is, in fact, possible to say yes too much.

    I’ve gotten much better at selectively saying no over the years, but I still have to work at it. There are many good reasons why we say yes too much:

    -We want to be helpful
    -We want to be both valued and valuable
    -We want to come through for someone who’s asking for assistance

    All good reasons.

    But there are good reasons to say no too. They can be things like:

    -Keeping the quality of your work high
    -Maintaining a healthy work/life balance
    -Not spreading yourself too thin

    Saying no to the right thing at the right time can be a gift to yourself and others as well because you’ll be ensuring that what you’re really great at stays that way.

    Because that’s why you’re being asked in the first place.

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    True Leaders Are Forged In Fire 

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    I’ve had some success and some failures in leadership.

    Leadership opportunities come in many forms—from formal to informal. I’ve done both kinds and probably more of the latter.

    I’ve also seen other leaders in action. Some great ones. Others less so. The great ones have something in common—they really step up when things are at their worst. This is a sign of true leadership. Actually it’s a great test to see who’s manager material vs. the stuff of leadership.

    Some of the best managers know how to fly under the radar when times are tough. And I don’t blame them for it at all—leadership is meant for the few and even fewer excel at it.

    It’s fun to watch leaders work when they are at ease but it’s educational to watch the really good ones go to work when they are under duress. They take it all on. The challenges, the responsibilities. The fire.

    True leaders are forged in it.

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    Intelligent Generosity + Successful People 

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    You’ve heard this before no doubt and it’s true. I’ve been reminded of this recently when...

    -A senior executive of one of the world’s top tech companies agreed to take time with someone they’ve never met before whom I introduced out of the blue

    -One of my mentors, now a wildly successful CEO took time to meet and encourage me

    -I see so many people in my network doing making time for others when they are busy themselves

    These are acts of Intelligent Generosity. Successful people are intelligently generous because they understand that life and business aren’t only about performance and professionalism but also relationships and relevance. And we’re only as relevant as the strength of our relationships.

    This makes me think of a conversation I had with Rishad Tobaccowala not ago. You should see how he does this. He’s a master at it—generosity that is (amongst other things). When times are tough, it can be tempting to conserve energy, keep what you know to yourself and limit your exposure.

    There is a time and place to say “no” (more on that later) But Successful people know how and when to give. They reach out, connect and share—knowing that positivity given is positivity received.

    And that’s why they’re successful.

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